Year-Round Vein Health: How To Stay Active in Colder Months

As the weather cools down, it’s very tempting to cuddle under a pile of blankets and stay in the house. Don’t fall into the trap! Vein health requires year-round maintenance. Keep yourself active and your circulatory system in great shape and try some of these cold-season-friendly activities:


Hot Yoga: Hot Yoga is a great activity for the winter time! It keeps you feeling warm while also increasing your strength, flexibility, and balance. Not to mention the calming effects that yoga has on the mind. If the heat is too much, regular-temp yoga is still an amazing winter practice. Try enrolling in a trial set of classes at a local studio!

Swimming in a heated, indoor pool: Swimming in general is already a great activity for vein health due to the reduced pressure it puts on your legs. Swap your outdoor pool or lake swim sessions for an indoor lap pool where you can keep the amazing benefits of swimming going all year long!


Pedaling on a stationary bike: If you find it difficult to get out and bike in your neighborhood on a chilly day, it might be time to invest in a stationary bike for your home! Or, for those who are just occasional bikers, visit your local gym and hop on one of their stationary bikes. It’s the same beneficial exercise, but without cold wind in your face. If you’re really missing the scenery of your usual bike ride – there are plenty of videos on the internet you can play while on your indoor bike, like this one!

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