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Facial Spider Veins

Facial Veins are Treated at Reno Vein Clinic!

What are Facial spider veins?

What Causes Facial Veins?

A common cause of unsightly facial vessels (spider veins or telangiectasia) is sun damage (photoaging), or some other skin damage that made vessels larger than normal. Light skinned individuals who have spent a lot of time outdoors generally are most affected.

Treating Facial Veins

Facial vessels can be treated effectively by both laser  and sclerotherapy. Laser therapy is based on light and affected by skin and vessel color, as well as the health and medical condition of the surrounding skin.

Sclerotherapy is injection of medication and is affected by the size of the vessels as well as the health of the skin. On the face, we use sclerotherapy mostly for large vessels or those patients who should not get laser treatment.

Both types of treatments have minimal discomfort associated.

Some conditions increase the side effects of treatment, so a brief evaluation by our clinicians is needed before a definite plan for laser or sclerotherapy.

Both treatments can be safe and effective, but often more than one session is needed.

Reno Vein Clinic is expert at both types of facial vessel treatment!  

The Gemini Dual Wavelength Laser is a trusted way to treat abnormal skin veins

Eliminating facial spider veins has never been easier. Book an appointment today to discuss your treatment options!